About John Barban

John Barban – What’s The Real Skinny About John Barban?

People in the fitness community know him well.

People who want to get a better body and get healthier, in all likelihood, know of him. But who really is John Barban? Why should you get to know him? And why do you keep hearing his name associated with “Venus”?

Meet John Barban..John Barban Venus Factor

When you talk about John Barban, it is impossible to do so without first finding out where he got his start in unlocking the secrets to a better physique.

This happened in Ontario, specifically in the Canadian University of Guelph.

Here, John delved deep into fitness and nutrition by studying Human Biology and Nutrition.

But John was not only interested in finding out what made the human body become the way it is — he also wanted to share his knowledge by studying further. This led John to take up a master’s degree of the same course in the same university.

John Barban’s passion for fitness and nutrition took him onward and upwards, and out of Ontario. He eventually pursued further studies and research, this time at the University of Florida, and he would eventually go on to acquire his personal training certificate.

Soon, John’s added knowledge and credentials allowed him to get a teaching position at this Florida university.

Before “Venus” Was “Adonis”…

John had a fateful meeting in the University of Florida.

It was here where he would meet Brad Pilon. Brad had similar ideas about fitness and nutrition as John, which the two would then use to come up with their own strategy toward achieving the ideal physique.

This strategy would later on be recognized as the “Adonis Index,” which provides the discipline every guy needs to work out, eat, and achieve the body they want. To date, “Adonis Index” has successfully launched a book — and consequently, resulted in an equally revolutionary weight loss and fitness program for women called “Venus Index.”

But John didn’t stop at the “Venus Index.”

During a consulting job for a supplement for women, John’s research led him to a discovery that women could burn fat easier when focus is made on leptin, which is a fat-burning hormone; low levels slow down metabolism and high levels speed it up.

With this in mind, John Barban went on to develop the “Venus Factor Diet,” which is a 12-week nutrition plan that is designed to speed up the metabolism of women — bringing out the sexy goddess hidden within.

As a teenager, John struggled with his physique. Diets did little to nothing.

Working out only highlighted the lack of results he was getting.

John’s journey to fitness and nutrition — from acquiring his master’s in Human Biology and Nutrition to researching and consulting for branded supplements — has not only improved his physical fitness but also allowed him to share his knowledge and change the way men and women achieve their own weight loss and fitness goals.

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