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5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Active Women

Fitness buffs, gym rats, and all those blessed athletic people do not really have to worry so much about their weight, right?

But the fact of the matter is, everybody — even those people — are looking for a way to be fitter and weigh a bit less than they currently do, especially after the holidays (when it’s hard to break from the tradition of pigging out while in the company of family and friends) or when there’s a special event coming up and looking exceptionally good is required.

The problem, however, is that for active women, losing a bit more than their current healthy weight is like stretching the limit.

A lot of women actually resort to unhealthy habits such as following extreme diets (like the one-meal-a-day diet, or the all-lettuce diet) and even working out more.

Extreme diets are never good, especially for people who are heavily into sports and working out; they have a reverse effect, too – they tend to create stronger cravings, which then makes the process even much harder.

Therefore, if there really is the need to shed a couple or several more pounds, ditch those crazy diets!

Discover the healthy methods that have been proven effective by fitness and health experts.

So, you need to lose more weight, huh?

Here are 5 healthy weight loss tips for active people that you can try, which can help bring your closer to your target dress size and weight…

1.    Mix up your workout.

If you like to focus on cardio exercises, they sure do keep your heart healthy, but will do very little in blasting those extra pounds. Add more strength training exercises to your workout and even new exercises to prevent your body from becoming too familiar with the routine – you’ll definitely see your weight go down.

2.    Find a workout buddy.

It’s much easier to commit to a more intense workout if you’re doing it with a friend or loved one who understands and wants to support your goal.

3.    Be even more active.

Turn every dull moment into an opportunity to get your blood pumping – dance, wiggle your hips, do standing crunches while waiting for your order at Starbucks to be served. These little things you incorporate to your day can make a big difference.

4.    Change your snacks.

If you’re still prone to eating potato chips, cookies and cakes, opt for high-fiber spicy popcorn instead, or sunflower seeds, or almonds. They’re healthier and they’re the best snacks for people who want to lose weight and deal with cravings.

5.    Buy slightly smaller workout clothes that do not have a lot of “give.”

This is a trick shared by some personal trainers – the clothes feel snug at first but they will help you monitor if you’re really losing weight.

If the fit becomes comfortable or loose over time, you know you’ve lost weight.

It’s much better to gauge weight loss by the way your clothes fit than through the numbers on the scale since muscles are denser than fat.

Discover the healthy methods that have been proven effective by fitness and health experts