Inside The Program

The primary aim of Venus Factor program just like most other weight loss plan is to increase the level of metabolism in women, only that it does this without a restriction, with significant results noticeable in a matter of days.

Venus Factor contains a diet plan for a 12-week period that helps increase the body’s rate of metabolism. The program intimates about the right foods to eat and those to avoid.

Subscribers also get to learn easy but effective weight loss workout routines, exercises to avoid, the need for short workout routines, and the magical herb that can help to speed up the weight loss process.

The different features of the Venus Factor come at an amazing price of just $47.

And to ensure the only think that subscribers lose is their unwanted fat deposits, there is a 60-day money back guarantee given to unsatisfied buyers.

In addition to the content mentioned above, bonuses come with every purchase.

The program contains 143 videos that take subscribers by the hand, showing them the tips and tricks to maximize the weight loss process.

The Venus Immersion is also part of the bonus included in every purchase of the Venus Factor.

Full details of all the bonuses here.

Weight loss especially for women does not have to be a struggle and the Venus Factor is making sure of this with quality and unique weight loss tips and tricks that will ensure long-lasting results.