The Leptine Secret

The Leptin Secret – Why This Hormone Is Women’s “Frienemy!”

For a lot of women, easy weight loss is like the impossible dream; there’s no such thing as an easy diet, exercise program or other simple lifestyle change.

Effective weight loss requires solid dedication and resolve which, sadly, most women struggle with as well.  The Venus Factor  was designed with this fact in mind.

Oftentimes, they beat themselves up and think they’re just complete slobs who cannot control themselves.

But what they don’t know is that it’s not just their lack of willpower working against them — the female body also has this mechanism that makes weight loss even harder to achieve.

Leptin. What Is It?

The female body has a hormone called leptin – it’s also known as a satiety hormone which regulates the amount of fat stored in the body.

This hormone accomplishes this task by simultaneously adjusting the hunger sensation and the body’s energy expenditures.

In simpler language, leptin controls the body’s ability to burn fat; healthy levels of this hormone can aid or accelerate metabolism, while low levels of it slow down metabolism and signal the body to store fat.

Women ought to know that they have TWICE as much leptin as men, so that should be a reason to rejoice — twice as much leptin means stronger fat burning power, right?

If only it were that simple!….

The Problem with Leptin…

This is the leptin secret….

Leptin actually is quite a complicated hormone, especially for women – it should be able to deliver good results, but normally it doesn’t because the body seems to be conditioned to resist its power.

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So, how is it magnificently worthless for women? Read the statements below.

  •  There is a condition called “Leptin Resistance” which basically means that women can be less responsive to the hormone’s signal to burn fat.

So while women naturally have higher levels of leptin, the body’s not using it properly to eliminate fat.

Ever wonder how come women have cellulite and men don’t?

That’s one manifestation of the female body’s inability to use the hormone’s fat-burning power.

  • Dieting leads to low levels of leptin. Women know how really frustrating this can be.

Experts claim that when leptin levels drop, the body’s metabolism automatically slows down.

This is why the usual diets can only yield limited results, and not long after shedding some pounds, women easily gain them back — and, sometimes, even gain a bit more.

  • The different aspects of womanhood disconnect leptin’s signal to burn fat even more.

The demands of pregnancy and child nurturing further weaken leptin’s signals, so it gets harder for women to lose pregnancy weight.

So for all women who are struggling with their weight and are getting quite frustrated over how difficult it is, it’s imperative to know all the reasons behind the issue of weight.

Stop beating yourself up over unsuccessful diets because they’re never just about lacking resolve.

Losing weight is not just a matter of willpower — it’s also a matter of understanding the body’s natural tendencies so the right weight loss program like The Venus Factor Diet system was created and implemented. Click here to learn more about the Venus Factor.