Venus Factor Bonuses

The Venus Factor Bonuses

The Venus Factor is a revolutionary program designed to specifically address the quintessential problems of women with body fat and weight loss.

Most females, even those on a strict diet and a torturous training regimen, often find it difficult to lose unwanted bulges and inches.

That’s because they are missing out on one piece of information, which the Venus Factor assures is the difference why men find it easier to sculpt their bodies than women.

The key factor is leptin, a body hormone that controls the body’s ability to burn fat. High levels of leptin, therefore, will accelerate metabolism, enabling the body to cut down on stored body fat.

The Venus Factor capitalizes on in-depth research conducted regarding this hormone, specifically on the various aspects relative to the female body.

Though women have twice as much of the hormone than men, they can be thrice as unresponsive, which essentially means slower metabolism and less fat burning.

Another factor that adds to the female body’s difficulty to lose weight is that leptin levels drop fast when dieting and explains why most women hit a plateau more often than men.

Purchasing The Venus Factor will give you a 12-week nutrition plan that will guide you with step-by-step instructions and tells you what to eat.

Not only that, it also comes with a few perks that sweeten the deal and speed up your efforts on your way to a slimmer and healthier you:

Here are the bonuses….

the venus factor workout bonus videos

1.    Venus Factor workout video – The diet is better complemented by a workout video specifically designed to match your hormonal environment.

Most videos out there focus on men and will definitely lead to much different results. To have more significant gain from the workout, it should be in tune with how a woman’s body functions and how it boosts metabolic rates.

Bonus Venus Factor Coaching

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2.    Venus Factor video coaching lessons – Most of the exercises are easy and do NOT include those long, lung-busting cardio routines that are rampant in male-centric workout videos.

Thus, you don’t need personal trainers to be physically present and guide you throughout the workout.

This coaching lessons video will be an interesting addition to your routine, giving you advice every step of the way.

the venus factor immersion special bonus

3.    Venus Immersion – This bonus completes the Venus Factor experience, giving you the joy and privilege of sharing your experiences with countless other women who have been changed by the Venus Factor.

Worth almost $100, but definitely considered priceless, the immersion will allow you to get support from the community and learn your way to a faster and easier training program.

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