Venus Factor Results

Venus Factor Results – Real Results For Real Women & What You Can Expect From The System

Shedding excess pounds is not as simple as creating a caloric deficiency by sticking to a strict diet and performing punishing exercises for countless hours.

The truth is, for many people, this formula simply does not work — more so if you are a woman.The venus factor gets results

Fad diets and exercises simply do NOT work, especially for the long term, because these do not take into account one important thing…

It’s Evolution, Baby…

Women are hardwired to store fat in typical problem areas like the thighs, butt and the tummy due to evolution.

This makes perfect sense to prehistoric women who are in charge of childbirth and taking care of the young.

And when you factor in the fact that prior to the invention of agriculture, finding food can be a hit or miss affair, essentially, women need to store fat in their bodies to be able to cope with the demands of prehistoric living as well as adverse conditions.

But in the modern context where various technologies and advancements have allowed modern people a sense of food security, storing fat in the body is deemed no longer necessary and can have a gamut of adverse effects to a person, physically and psychologically.

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How to Make Your Body Work to Your Advantage

One surprising fact about the human body is that it has evolved to perform certain things without requiring a huge amount of external help. It can heal itself. It can adapt.

It even has the tools to eliminate excess fat. Wait, what?

That’s correct. Your body has a hormone that is called leptin which speeds up metabolism and signals the body to burn fat.

In fact, women have twice as much leptin in their bodies as compared to men. Why then, you might ask, is it doubly difficult for women to achieve their desired body shape?

For one, women are less responsive to leptin as compared to men.

Second, when you deprive yourself by dieting or following a punishing fitness program, your leptin levels become depleted.

Real Results for Real Women

Venus Factor is a weight loss program that overrides the genetic makeup of women in order to attain results.

If you look at the testimonials of the women who have tried this program, you’ll see real women coming from diverse backgrounds attaining astounding results, from losing pounds to dropping dress sizes.

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It does not matter whether you are a full-time mom or a career woman, a millennial or a boomer.

It works because it takes into account the importance of leptin in weight loss.

This means that if you undergo this program, you do not have to deprive yourself or spend hours performing aerobic exercises.

You’ll be able to achieve your fitness targets faster and safer. More importantly, the program makes you take full advantage of your fat loss by zeroing in on problem areas that most people notice first.

What You’ll Get…

The Venus Factor Diet is a 12-week nutrition plan which is simple to follow and guaranteed to turn your body into one efficient fat burning machine.

With this program, you’ll discover foods that can boost your efforts to meet your fitness goals as well as those that can supercharge your metabolism and increase leptin levels.

If you get the whole system, you’ll also learn which exercises you should perform to burn fat efficiently and which ones to avoid. The exercises included in the system are simple enough to be performed at home.